My Sweet Mawmaw

On this Sunday night, I got the news my great-grandmother of ninety-four years old had peacefully passed away in her sleep. She was a extraordinary woman with a lot of spunk and grace all at once.

Her name was Mary Louise Gargus. My grandaddy called her “Louie”and she would wake up at 4 am to make this man a full-course breakfast everyday. My grandaddy worked on a farm and would get up early to milk the cows and work out on the field. My mother often told of how she would wake up to eat breakfast with grandaddy when she was little then go back to sleep. Then at 9am Mawmaw would wake my mother up again for “their” breakfast; she would cleanup just to make another full course meal for lunch and then supper. She was wonder woman…she still is to me.She would sip on her black coffee and tell me about her days when her and grandaddy lived in Spain and how amazing the Spanish coffee was there.

My Mawmaw was a amazing cook, southern to the bone, and could make a mean biscuit! The way her scrambled eggs were still the right amount of runny and the right amount of cheese. Ya’ll know about the cheese ratio, c’mon. Her kitchen was adorned with different folk roosters and vintage southern decor.  We would sip on cokes with straws, talking about everything you could think of. I could always confide in my Mawmaw about anything that was on my mind because she a woman of her word.

She was a woman of God’s Word and I always looked up to her by her faith in God. Mary Louise always turned to prayer for any situation in life and believed as long as it was in God’s hands it was for good.(1 Timothy 4:4, Psalm 100:5)

I always wondered when I was young how she can be so open in her trust in Him, it took me a long time to realize how right she was! I am so happy to say that my Mawmaw was there at my baptism as year ago at Church of the Highlands. When I said my vow to God and my head was dunked, her frail ivory hand went up in celebration! She truly has brought me closer to God and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a Holy woman to look to in my family.

As I sit here, tears rolling down my face, I am smiling that she is at peace at last. She was a woman that would run circles around me to the point that I forgot her age, but time does catch up and she was ready to go to Jesus. She raised a wonderful grandmother aka. Mimi, who in turn raised a wonderful mother and wonderful aunt to me. She is truly a legacy to this family and I am truly going to miss her.

God Bless,


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